Travellers Cafe is located right on our beachfront overlooking a few paradise islands speckled on the horizon. The food is deliciously Fijian but you'll as also find a few international dishes on the blackboard menu. Open 24/7 for most of the year, it has become a bit of a mecca for travellers and locals alike. Guests can choose a quiet table to read or write, a social seat at the bar or a breezy sunny spot on the sand.


Cereal and Fruit

Bowl of cereal, bowl of fruit and small jug of milk

Fruit bowl

Bowl of fruit and a side of yogurt

Fruit, Muesli and Yogurt

Bowl of fruit,muesli and side of yogurt with small jug of Milk

Eggs on Toast

2 eggs on 2 pcs of Toast

Bacon and Egg

2 pieces of eggs with 2 pieces of bacon rashes, 2 pieces of toast

Travellers Omelet

3 egg with cream on 2 pcs of Toast

BIg Breakfast

2 pieces of eggs, 1 piece of bacon, 2 pieces of sausage, 2 pieces of hash brown, bowl of baked beans, toast, butter and jam, coffee / tea


Fish n chips

200g of fish, side of fries and salad with tartar sauce

Beef burger with fires

Spaghetti Carbonara

Chicken & Fish Chaser

180g of chicken or fish in oyster light soy sauce and chilli

Sizzling chicken

180g chicken fresh, veggies and side of rice

Chilli and garlic cassava fries

Cssava, garlic, chilli



Ham, pineapple, herb and tomato sauce, cheese


Chicken, onion, herb and tomato paste, cheese

Meat lovers

Bacon,sausage,ham,herb and tomato sauce


Garlic,herb sauce,cheese


Cheese,herb and tomato sauce,dried basil